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​​Who we are

We are The Wallich. We’re doing something about homelessness in Wales.
We believe that everyone deserves the right to a home, but more than that, that everyone deserves the right to feel safe, to feel valued and to feel positive about their future.

Our mission

The Wallich operates under three core objectives: getting people off the streets; keeping people off the streets; and creating opportunities for people.

Our vision

A Wales where people stand together to provide hope, support and solutions to end homelessness.

We are tireless in our commitment to achieving this vision alongside our staff, our partner agencies, and most importantly alongside the people we support.

Our values

  • CourageousWe speak truth to power, we challenge ourselves and each other. We fearlessly pioneer new initiatives. We and our service users have the courage to drive change.

  • DeterminedWe will not stop. We will continue to strive to make big changes, not only for our charity but for the people we support. We will not lose passion or focus, even when it’s hard.

  • AuthenticWe are genuine in our intentions, working on the front line with the people who need us. We walk the path alongside people and use peer experience to inform everything we do.

  • CompassionateAt all times – always. No matter how many times someone comes to us for help, we will listen, be empathetic and greet them with kindness.

  • Community Everybody deserves to belong somewhere. As a team we are family and we embrace partnership. We strive for inclusion and acceptance of those affected by homelessness.

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